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A Brownsville, Texas-based security professional with a BBA from Northwood University, Jaime Escobedo presently employs approximately 200 workers through his various business enterprises. In addition to his longstanding position as President and Chief Executive Officer of American Surveillance Company, Inc., Jaime Escobedo has owned Valley American Contractors since 2000 and American Firing Range since 2003.

Jaime Escobedo founded American Surveillance Company. Over the years, it has grown to provide the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with the full spectrum of electronic security products and services. Fully licensed and insured, the company has the versatility to serve commercial clients that range from offices and retail stores to airports, and industrial properties. Under Mr. Escobedo’s direction, American Surveillance also assists apartment complexes and private residences with a wide variety of security concerns.

Jaime Escobedo’s construction company, Valley American Contractors, has been building homes and commerical buildings in the greater Brownsville area for well over a decade. Mr. Escobedo also serves local firearm aficionados throughout the region through American Firing Range, the sole regulation tactical indoor shooting range in South Texas. The facility offers six shooting lanes with computerized tactical targets and other technologically advanced equipment.

In addition to running his business enterprises, Jaime Escobedo is active with a number of local schools and outreach organizations. He donates food and gifts during the holidays and hosts periodic safety fairs to promote awareness within the community.


Written by jaimeescobedo

January 11, 2013 at 3:54 am

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